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I have 30 years of experience including teaching blacksmithing for ten years.


I undertake a wide range of work, mainly to commission, though I do produce a few product lines for galleries. Commissions are individually designed to the requirements of the client.


My work ranges from architectural to jewelery, traditional to contemporary forms, conservation work and replication to new work in period styles, sculpture to functional household and garden objects. Also the maiking of tools for other craftspeople.


Whether working on period or contemporary designs, the utilization of traditional hot forging techniques is always at the core of my work.


You can get more information and see examples of my work on my website.


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I find that the way that metal moves when it has been forged is fascinating. It has the ability to be structural and at the same time appear to be delicate.


I have been a blacksmith for over 30 years and in that time have been involved in work as diverse as the restoration of 17th century gates and railings, the design and making of contemporary garden sculpture and teaching of my craft to others.


I work to commission as well as making work directly for galleries.


If you have any enquiries or would like to know more about me and the work that I do please contact me directly.


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I undertake blacksmithing work for private clients and businesses on a mainly commission basis and will:-


a) design and make;


b) make to specification; or


c) carry out repairs / restoration to ironwork of all natures.


I use a combination of traditional hot forging techniques and modern methods to produce site specific ironwork, designed and made in consultation with the client, therefore achieving the unique end result that the client requires.


I have carried out a varied range of commissions, examples of which you can see by clicking the link button below which will direct you to my website.

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We have pooled our resources so that we each have access to facilities and equipment we otherwise may not have. This has widened the scope of work that we each can undertake.


Between us we have over sixty years experience and though we are all grounded in the use of the traditional techniques of hot forging of metals, we are quite comfortable with the employment of more contemporary design concepts in our work.


The range includes: (interior and exterior) Restoration, Architectural, Furniture, Domestic, Sculptural, Garden, Agricultural and industrial forging, toolmaking and more besides.


Each of us runs his own business although the sharing of the forge makes collaboration possible.


If you would like more information about each of us or to see our individual portfolios, follow the links below.

Bringsty Forge

Bringsty, WR6 5TA

Tel:  01885 489180

Fax:  01885 489180


Bringsty Forge Blacksmiths is a group of three craftsmen, Adrian Legge, Henry Pomfret and Tony Ingarfield.

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We are running forging days/weekend on the 18th & 19th of July.


For more details contact Tony by email at or on 07780 668031